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Prepare data in the form of a MIDI message


Numbers received in the inlets are used as data for MIDI messages. The data is formatted into a complete MIDI message (with the status byte determined by the inlet) and sent out the outlet as individual bytes.


Name Type Opt Description
initial-MIDI-channel-number int opt Sets an initial value for the channel number of the MIDI messages. Numbers greater than 16 are wrapped around to stay between 1 and 16. If there is no argument, the channel number is initially set to 1.
initial-MIDI-channel-number float opt Converted to int.


Information for box attributes common to all objects


int: MIDI messages are sent out as individual bytes, for recording by the seq object or for transmission by the midiout object.


Numbers are formatted into MIDI messages and sent out as individual bytes

See Also

Name Description
borax Report current information about note-ons and note-offs
midiinfo Set a pop-up menu with names of MIDI devices
midiout Transmit raw MIDI data
midiparse Interpret raw MIDI data
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