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Transmit raw MIDI data


midiout will transmit raw MIDI data to a specified port.


Name Type Opt Description
MIDI-port (a through z) symbol opt Specifies the port for transmitting MIDI data. If there is no argument, midiout transmits out port a (or the first output port listed in the MIDI Setup dialog.)
MIDI-port (MIDI name) symbol opt The name of a MIDI output device may be used as the first argument to specify the port.


int MIDI-message-byte [int]
The number is transmitted as a byte of a MIDI message to the specified port.
float MIDI-message-byte [float]
Converted to int.
list MIDI-message-bytes [list]
The numbers are transmitted sequentially as individual bytes of a MIDI message to the specified port.
anything MIDI-port (a through z) [list]
Performs the same function as port.
(mouse) Double-clicking on a midiout object shows a pop-up menu for choosing a MIDI port or device.
port MIDI-port (a through z) [symbol]
The word port, followed by a letter a-z or the name of a MIDI output port or device, specifies the port used to transmit the MIDI messages. The word port is optional and may be omitted.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


(MIDI): There are no outlets. The output is a byte of a MIDI message transmitted directly to the object's MIDI output port.


MIDI bytes received in the inlet are transmitted out the specified port

See Also

Name Description
midiformat Prepare data in the form of a MIDI message
midiin Output received raw MIDI data
midiinfo Set a pop-up menu with names of MIDI devices
noteout Transmit MIDI note messages
sxformat Prepare MIDI system exclusive messages
xbendout Format extra precision MIDI pitch bend messages
xnoteout Format MIDI note messages with release velocity
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