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Define a Max for Live device's audio inputs


The plugin~ object receives its input from the Live application as part of a Max for Live audio device. Note: plug-in building for hosts other than Ableton Live is no longer supported. For more information to help you make the transition to creating plug-ins in Max for Live, see Max for Live for Pluggo Developers.




signal By convention, a Max for Live gets all its audio from the Live application using the plugin~ object and sends its audio output using the plugout~ object. This audio output is limited to two channels. This behavior is modified when Max for Live is in Preview Mode.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: When used in Max/MSP, the signal output of the plugin~ object is simply its signal input. When used in the runtime plug-in environment, the signal output will be the left and right channels of the audio input to the plug-in from the host. If the plug-in is inserted in a mono context, it's possible that only the left channel will contain the incoming audio signal and the right channel will be 0. The exact nature of the audio input to the plug-in is up to the host mixer.


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