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Define a plug-in's audio outputs


The plugout~ object sends its output to the Live application as part of a Max for Live Audio device or Instrument. Note: plug-in building for hosts other than Ableton Live is no longer supported. For more information to help you make the transition to creating plug-ins in Max for Live, see Max for Live for Pluggo Developers.


Name Type Opt Description
output-channel-destination int opt Although the plugout~ object will accept one or two int arguments as a courtesy to Max 4 users who wish to port older plug-ins, output channel specifications are disabled starting with Max 5.1. This behavior is modified when Max for Live is in Preview Mode.


signal By convention, a Max for Live gets all its audio from the Live application using the plugin~ object and sends its audio output using the plugout~ object. This audio output is limited to two channels.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


signal: When used in Max/MSP, the signal output of the plugout~ object is simply its signal input. When used in the runtime plug-in environment, the signal output to the outlets is undefined, and the input is copied to the audio outputs of the plug-in.


See Also

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