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jit.streak Reference

Probability lines



The jit.streak object uses a specified probability to determine the chance that a given matrix cell's value will be extended to subsequent cells (with an optional scaling factor). The result is a streaky good time.


Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:1, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
out n/a 1 1 1 1 1 char long float32 float64

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direction [int]

Streaking direction (default = 0 (left))
0 = left
1 = down
2 = right
3 = up

mode [int]

Scanline wrapping mode (default = 0 (wrap))
0 = streaking wraps from scanline to scanline
1 = streaking begins anew at each scanline

prob [float]

The probability that any given cell will be extended (streaked) (default = 0.)

scale [float]

The scaling factor applied to extended (streaked) cells (default = 0.75)

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