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Spectral Processing

The pfft~ object provides an interface and management tool for spectral audio processing, utilizing the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). FFT allows you to translate audio data from the time domain into the frequency domain. With this, you can create dynamic processing effects like time stretching, filtering, and cross synthesis. In combination with Gen, you can make even more efficient frequency-domain processing such as spectral delays using gen~ inside pfft~.

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See Also

Name Description
cartopol Convert cartesian to polar coordinates
cartopol~ Signal Cartesian to Polar coordinate conversion
fft~ Fast Fourier transform
fftin~ Input for a patcher loaded by pfft~
fftinfo~ Report information about a patcher loaded by pfft~
fftout~ Output for a patcher loaded by pfft~
frameaccum~ Compute "running phase" of successive phase deviation frames
framedelta~ Compute phase deviation between successive FFT frames
ifft~ Inverse fast Fourier transform
in Message input for a patcher loaded by poly~ or pfft~
out Message output for a patcher loaded by poly~ or pfft~
poltocar Convert polar to cartesian coordinates
poltocar~ Signal Polar to Cartesian coordinate conversion
vectral~ Vector-based envelope follower