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Use the jit.plur object to performs linear interpolation on incoming matrix frames. This object resamples an image and then interpolates back to the original size.



The resampling process uses two different attributes along each axis of the matrix frame. The _step attributes determine how the frame is divided at output. For instance, with x_step set to 5, there will be a resampled rectangle every 5 cells along the horizontal axis. The _range attributes determine how that resampled rectangle is interpolated. If x_range is less than or greater than x_step, different corner points are used for the interpolation calculation, than are used in the resampling.

When using other interpolation modes, the jit.plur object performs a wide variety of variations on theme.

Matrix Operator

matrix inputs:1, matrix outputs:1
Name IOProc Planelink Typelink Dimlink Plane Dim Type
out n/a 1 1 1 1 1 char long float32 float64

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The Jitter MOP

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colormode [int]

Color wrapping mode (default = 0 (wrap))
0 = wrap: Values that exceed the limits are wrapped around to the opposite limit with a modulo operation. (256 wraps to 0, 257 wraps to 1, and -1 wraps to 255, -2 wraps to 254, etc.)
1 = clip: Values are limited not to exceed min or max. (E.g. numbers greater than 255 are set to 255, and numbers less than 0 are set to 0.)
2 = bounce: Values that exceed the limits are folded back in the opposite direction. (256 is folded back to 254, 257 is folded back to 253, and -1 is folded back to 1, -2 to 2, etc.)

gang [int]

Range value flag (default = 1) When the flag is set, the x_range and y_range values are used. Otherwise, the x_step and y_step values are used instead.

hi [float]

The upper output range limit (default = 1.)

lo [float]

The lower output range limit (default = 0.)

mode [int]

Interpolation mode (default = 0 (linear))
0 = linear interpolation
1 - 15 = interpolation variations (Try 'em and see!)

scale [int]

The amount of bit shift before output (default = 8)

x_range [int]

The horizontal distance between corner points used for interpolation (default = 2)

x_step [int]

The horizontal distance between resampled corner points (default = 2)

y_range [int]

The vertical distance between corner points used for interpolation (default = 2)

y_step [int]

The vertical distance between resampled corner points (default = 2)

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