list.thin Reference

Remove duplicates from a list. (similar to zl.thin)




input [list]


list input


input [list]

list input


out1 [list]

list with duplicates removed

Fixed Attributes

These attributes must be set in the object box and determine the behavior of the object at runtime.

hot [bool] (default: false)

Trigger computation on all inlets.

Dynamic Attributes

These attributes can be modified in the code during execution using the set object

input [list]

list input

reset [bang] (default: 0)

Banging this attribute will reset the object to its default state.

See Also

Name Description
zl Process lists in many ways
zl.thin Remove duplicates from list
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list.delace Delace, de-interleave a list. (similar to zl.delace)
list.ecils Slices a list in reverse order. (similar to zl.ecils)
list.filter Filter items in list b out of list a. (similar to zl.filter)
list.indexmap Create a new list based on the indices of an incoming list
list.join join two lists (similar to zl.join)
list.lace Lace, interleave two lists
list.len Length of a list
list.lookup Output the nth element(s) of the right list. (similar to zl.lookup)
list.median Output the median of a list of numbers. (similar to zl.median)
list.mth Output and remove element of a list (0-based)
list.nth Output and remove element of a list (1-based)
list.queue Queue, FIFO message storage (First In, First Out)
list.reg Store a list, bang it out.
list.rev Reverse a list
list.rot Rotate a list
list.scramble Scramble the order of a list
list.sect Output what is in common between two lists. (similar to zl.sect)
list.slice Slices input list into two lists
list.sort Returns a sorted list of numbers. (similar to zl.sort)
list.stack Last in, first out message memory Make a list with the last N items. (similar to
list.sub output position for each occurrence of right list in left list
list.sum Sum a list of numbers. (similar to zl.sum)
list.swap Swap two list indexes
list.union Remove duplicates from a list. (similar to zl.union)
list.unique Output items in left list that are not in right list
listfunnel Index and output list elements
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