Running Max on Apple ARM64 Hardware

Running Max on Apple ARM64 Hardware

When running Max 8.2 (or later) on an Apple silicon machine with arm64 hardware, you have the ability to launch Max naitively or under Rosetta. By default, Max 8.2 (and later) will launch naitively under arm64. However, if you want to launch the Intel-based version of Max, you can do so by selecting the "Open using Rosetta" option in Max Info window. Enabling Rosetta translation might be necessary to run older externals that don’t yet support the arm64 architecture.

Launching Max Under Rosetta

  • Locate Max in your Applications folder
  • Select the app, then choose File > Get Info (Cmd+I)
  • Select "Open using Rosetta" from the Max Info window

  • Launch Max
  • If it launched correctly you will see "(x64 mac rosetta)" displayed in the About Max window (Max > About Max)

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