Changes in the Max Environment

Changes in the Max Environment

Exclusively 64-bit Application Platform

Max 8 is exclusively a 64-bit application; as a result, some external interfaces may require updating or replacement. Examples of this include:

  • Third-party object that were compiled as 32-bit-only externals will no longer operate in Max 8. Contact the developer of the external for a 64-bit-capable update.
  • Max for Live devices that include 32-bit-only externals will not operate properly in Max 8. Contact the developer of the device for a 64-bit-capable update.
  • 32-bit plug-ins will not instantiate in Max 8. Only 64-bit VST and Audio Unit plug-ins will work with the vst~ object.


If you are a user of an older version of Max, your preferences will not be imported. Preferences include the search path additions you specified in the File Preferences window, as well as DSP settings and MIDI port mappings. You will need to recreate these settings. Saving your preferences will not overwrite those of older versions.

Interface Theme

The color theme for the Max interface could not be altered; there was only a single color theme for all users. Max 8 includes the ability to select from a number of color themes using the Color Theme preference in the Preference Window.

macOS Native Windows

Max 8 supports native fullscreen and Split View for macOS users. Users wishing to disable macOS native fullscreen windows may do so by disabling the OS preference "Displays have separate Spaces", found in Apple menu > System Preferences > Mission Control. Sending fullscreen to, jit.window and thispatcher will use the native fullscreen mode if enabled.

Native window tabs are also supported, and enabled via the Dock Preferences > "Prefer tabs when opening documents" setting.

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