About Projects

About Projects

Projects collect and organize the disparate elements relevant to your Max work including patchers, media, and code into a centrally-managed location, with per-project control over search path and Max settings.

Projects offer essentially three new features to improve your Max workflow:

  1. A simple interface with which you can easily view and manage patchers, media files, code and other assets in use by your main patcher(s).
  2. An extension to the central Max search path, which:
    - ensures that Project-specific elements local to a Project are preferentially loaded (before files outside of the Project are searched).
    - isolates Project-specific assets from other patchers and Projects
    - allows the user to easily switch between global and project-local assets
    - potentially reduces the number of paths in Max's global search path, improving overall patcher loading and editing speed
  3. 'Open Actions', with which Max configuration options can be changed when loading a Project.


Creating a Project
Anatomy of the Project Window
Adding and Removing Files to/from Projects
Editing Files in Projects
The Manage Project Menu
Project Settings
Project Search Paths
Project Search Path Example
Project Open Actions
Max for Live Device Projects

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