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bpatcher Reference

Embed a subpatch with a visible UI



Abstracts the contents of a patcher or subpatcher for use in other patchers, displaying only those visual elements which are desired. The number of inlets and outlets in a bpatcher object is determined by the number of inlet and outlet objects contained in its subpatch window.


View the contents of a subpatcher...... The contents of this patch can be windowed... ...using offset messages to a small bpatcher containing it




args [256 atoms] (default: )

When followed by a number of ints, floats, or symbols, this attribute lets you input arguments to your patcher which will be saved along with the main patch.

bgcolor [4 floats] (default: 1. 1. 1. 1.)

Sets the background color of the patcher visible in the bpatcher window.

embed [int] (default: 0)

Toggles the ability to embed the subpatch you are using and save it as part of the main patch (just as with a patcher object) instead of the subpatch being saved in a separate file. This value can only be set using the Embed Patcher in Parent setting in the bpatcher object's Inspector. The default behavior is 0 (save the subpatch as a separate file).

name [symbol] (default: <none>)

Designates the pathname of the patcher file for the bpatcher to use. This value can only be set using the Patcher File setting in the bpatcher object's Inspector.

Common Box Attributes



When a patcher file is dragged from the Max File Browser to a bpatcher object, the file will be loaded.


When the window containing the bpatcher object is locked (or the Command key on Macintosh or Control key on Windows is held down) and the mouse is clicked inside the bpatcher object’s box, the gesture is handled by the patch inside the box.
If the Shift and Command keys on Macintosh or Shift and Control keys on Windows are held down while clicking on a bpatcher object, dragging the mouse moves the upper-left corner of the visible part of the patch inside the box. The Assistance area of the patcher window shows the pixel values of the offset. If Enable Drag-Scrolling is unchecked in the bpatcher Inspector window, this feature is disabled.
If the Command and Option keys on Macintosh or Control and Alt keys on Windows are held down while clicking in a bpatcher object, a pop-up menu allows you to open the original file of the patch contained inside the box in its own window, or change the patch currently contained inside the box in its own window.



filename [symbol]
The replace message is intended for use in conjunction with scripting messages to the thispatcher object. If you send a replace message via an inlet to the bpatcher object, it will only work if there is no patcher inside the bpatcher; the inlet to the bpatcher object is used for sending messages into its subpatcher, not for sending messages to the bpatcher object itself.
To use the replace message feature via scripting messages, give your bpatcher object a Scripting Name using the Inspector, then use the message script sendbox <bpatcher-name> replace <patcher-name> to send the message to the named bpatcher object.



If the patcher being used in a bpatcher contains outlet objects, they will appear in corresponding left-to-right order as outlets in the bpatcher object's box.

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