jit.gl.pass Reference

Render scene passes with shader processing



The jit.gl.pass object encapsulates processing of one or more sub-passes. A sub-pass consists of a single frame of gl, and post-processing shader, and is defined in a xml pass description file (JXP). Complex scene-processing hierarchies can be obtained by chaining multiple jit.gl.pass objects.


Render scene passes with shader processing


Each JXP file contains one or more <pass> effects. Each pass-effect contains one or more <subpass> tags. The <subpass> specifies a shader file for processing its pass, using the "file" attribute, or a jit.gl.pix gen file using the "gen" attribute and contains one or more <input> tags. The final subpass can specify which buffer to write to using the "output" attribute. Certain attributes of jit.gl.slab or jit.gl.pix can also be set here (e.g. dimscale, rect). The input specifies its texture source by setting either "name" or "source". Name can be any named texture, and source can be one of the following:
COLOR - the jit.gl.node color render target (or color output of previous jit.gl.pass)
NORMALS - the jit.gl.node normals render target + depth in alpha channel
VELOCITY - the jit.gl.node velocity render target
PREVIOUS - the preceding subpass output
HISTORY - the previous jit.gl.pass output
TEXTURE0..N - the jit.gl.pass texture attribute list of texture names

Pass effects that request NORMALS or VELOCITY as input sources require jit.gl.material objects bound to any geometry objects in the scene. These effects include depth , dof , motionblur , and ssao .


child [symbol]

The child jit.gl.pass name (default = none). Set automatically by patchcord connection, and manually by providing a valid jit.gl.pass object name.

depth_drawto [symbol]


Depth drawto gl context name. Unless set by user, depth_drawto equals drawto

file [symbol]

JXP file name (default = none)

out_name [symbol]


Output texture name (default = UID). If there is a name collison then the UID will be appended to the name that is in conflict.

quality [symbol]

Internal texture quality (deault = med). Changeing quality changes the type attribute of internal jit.gl.texture objects.

Possible values:

'lo' ( type = char )
'med' ( type = float16 )
'hi' ( type = float32 )

Common Box Attributes

OB3D Attributes



Get and set dynamic attributes generated from sub-pass shader parameters.


Drag and drop a .jxp file


Open the JXP file


Open the JXP file


Sets the given shader parameter with the given atom values as defined in a JXS (Jitter shader) file.


Load a JXP file from disk

OB3D Messages

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