jit.gl.skybox Reference

Render a skybox in OpenGL



The jit.gl.skybox object renders a skybox in a opengl world. A skybox is a cube that remains infinitely far away from the camera, and gives the illusion of distant 3D surroundings. The jit.gl.cubemap object is used to texture the skybox.



This object requires one argument: the name of a drawing context. A named drawing context is a named instance of a jit.window, jit.pwindow, or jit.matrix object that has an instance of the jit.gl.render object associated with it. Additionally it can reference the name of a jit.gl.node sub-context. This value may also be set via the OB3D drawto attribute. If no argument is present, the object is implicitly added to the first valid drawing context or sub-context found in the current patch or by searching up the patcher hierarchy.


displaylist [int]

Cache in displaylist flag (default = 0) This feature may be used to speed up rendering time by creating and storing a list of gl drawing commands on the graphics card.

infinite [int]

When enabled the skybox is rendered at an infinite distance from the camera (default = 1).

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