Max provides you with several ways to find out about the Max application itself, the function of the Max objects you use as you program, and the flow of data through a Max patch.

Search provides keyword searching of all of the documentation, reference material and online forum text, giving you a wide array of information on any subject.

Assistance gives you a brief description of the use of each inlet and outlet of a Max object in unlocked (or locked) Patcher windows.

The Quickref menu provides you with a listing of all the messages that Max object understands, a simple message sending and querying facility, and access to Mac help files and Reference pages.

Each Max object has its own definitive online Reference page and help file that provides information about the function of the object and its use. You can consult the Max reference and Help files directly from the Max application as you work.

You can browse for objects and media using the Max File Browser, and save the materials you have for future reference.

You can monitor what is happening in your patch as you work by using watchpoints - a kind of “wiretap” for Max patch cords, and the signal probe.

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