Node For Max Documentation

The following pages document, showcase and describe the usage of the available JavaScript API's when using Node For Max from within the Max MSP environment using the node.script object that was introduced with Max 8.

Getting started with the API

It is not mandatory to use any of the APIs that are provided with Node For Max in fact you could just let node.script start, stop and monitor your Node JS scripts and projects. However in order to get the most out node.script there is an API available that allows you to communicate and interact with Max from within your NodeJS context. In order to gain access to this API simply require the max-api like the following:

const maxApi = require("max-api");

To learn more about the API that is accessible using the max-api module click here or choose the "max-api" module on the left side of this page.

Other Resources

There are more documentation, tutorials and examples available.

  • Node For Max Overview - a patcher shipped with Max 8, simply search for "Node For Max" in Max' search
  • node.script helpfile - within Max open the node.script helpfile
  • Node For Max Examples Repository - A repository of examples to get you started
  • Cycling'74 Forum - Search the forums and/or share your knowledge and questions with others from the Max community