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Define an array of plug-in parameters


Note: plug-in building for hosts other than Ableton Live is no longer supported. For more information to help you make the transition to creating plug-ins in Max for Live, see Max for Live for Pluggo Developers.

The plugmultiparam object lets you define three or more parameters that are displayed and changed by a single object. However, these parameters will be hidden from the "Parameters" view in the plug-in window; they can only be changed by creating a Max user interface. Primarily, plugmultiparam was designed to be used in conjunction with the multislider object; it can also work with the plugstore object, or simply a set of cleverly organized pack and unpack objects.




bang Sends the currently stored values out the object's left outlet.
int parameter-index [int]
The value at the specified parameter-index is sent out the object's right outlet.
float parameter-index [float]
Converted to int.
list parameter-values [list]
Interpreted as a set of values to be assigned to the object's parameters, starting at the lowest-numbered parameter. If the list is longer than the number of parameters defined by the object, the extra elements are ignored. The values of the list are constrained to be within the minimum and maximum arguments of the object.
poke arguments [list]
The word poke, followed by a number that specifies a parameter and a value, sets the parameter value.
setmessage message [symbol]
The word setmessage, followed by a symbol, changes the message that sets individual values when they change (for example, because the stored program was changed). The default select message is useful in conjunction with the multislider object.

Information for box attributes common to all objects


any message: Out left outlet: The plugmultiparam object also produces a message to set individual values in the collection using the following format

[message name] [index] [value]

By default, the message name is select
list: Out left outlet: The left outlet produces the current values as a list when the object receives a bang message.


See Also

Name Description
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plugmod Modify plug-in parameter values in other plug-ins
plugmorph Generate parameter values created by morphing between other presets
plugstore Store multiple plug-in parameter values
pp Define a plug-in parameter
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pptime Define time-based plug-in parameter
plugin~ Define a Max for Live device's audio inputs
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