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Receive MIDI events from a plug-in host


Note: plug-in building for hosts other than Ableton Live is no longer supported. For more information to help you make the transition to creating plug-ins in Max for Live, see Max for Live for Pluggo Developers.

plugmidiin delivers any MIDI information targeted to the plug-in. It functions analogously to the Max midiin object, delivering raw MIDI as a sequential byte stream. You'll want to connect the midiparse object to its outlet. MIDI information is always delivered by plugmidiin at high-priority (interrupt) level. You may have more than one plugmidiin object in a patcher; each will output the same information.



Information for box attributes common to all objects


(MIDI): MIDI message bytes in sequential order. For instance, a note-on message on channel 1 for note number 60 with velocity of 64 would be output as 144 followed by 60 followed by 64.


MIDI message received from the host application are output by the plugmidiin object

See Also

Name Description
midiparse Interpret raw MIDI data
plugconfig Configure the behavior of a plug-in
plugmidiout Send MIDI messages to a plug-in host
plugmod Modify plug-in parameter values in other plug-ins
plugmorph Generate parameter values created by morphing between other presets
plugmultiparam Define an array of plug-in parameters
plugstore Store multiple plug-in parameter values
pp Define a plug-in parameter
pptempo Define plug-in tempo and sync parameters
pptime Define time-based plug-in parameter
plugin~ Define a Max for Live device's audio inputs
plugout~ Define a plug-in's audio outputs