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The Max Environment

These guides give an overview of the various menu items, preferences, toolbars and windows available in Max.

See Also

Name Description
Assistance Assistance
Assistance Settings Assistance Settings
Audio Status Window Audio Status Window
Clue Window Clue Window
Customizing the Max Environment Customizing the Max Environment
Error Messages Error Messages
File Preferences File Preferences
Fonts Fonts
Foreground and Background Layers Foreground and Background Layers
Inspector Inspector
Interface Settings Interface Settings
Key Commands Key Commands
Max Console Max Console
MIDI Setup Window MIDI Setup Window
Mixer Settings Mixer Settings
Multiple Views of a Patcher Multiple Views of a Patcher
Navigating the Patcher window Navigating the Patcher window
Opening the Inspector Opening the Inspector
Object Defaults Object Defaults
Object Quickref Object Quickref
Patcher Preferences Patcher Preferences
Patching Settings Patching Settings
Preferences Window Preferences Window
Presentation Mode Presentation Mode
Scheduler Preferences Scheduler Preferences
shortcuts shortcuts
Sidebar Sidebar