A Functional Listing of all Max Objects
Here is a listing of all Max objects, grouped by their function. This listing corresponds to the New Object menu listings in earlier versions of Max. Click on any subject listing to see an object listing. To see the Reference page for any object, click on its name.
change   counter   forward   gate   grab   if   match   maximum   minimum   next   onebang   past   patcher   peak   pvar   route   router   select   split   switch   thispatcher   togedge   trigger   trough   universal   uzi  
anal   autopattr   bag   bline   borax   bucket   capture   coll   combine   cycle   decode   float   funbuff   function   funnel   histo   int   line   nodes   pattr   pattrforward   pattrhub   pattrstorage   pattrmarker   preset   prob   pvar   qlist   spell   spray   table   text   value  
hi   serial   udpreceive   udpsend   vdp  
absolutepath   conformpath   filedate   filein   filepath   filewatch   folder   fontlist   onecopy   opendialog   relativepath   savedialog   strippath  
dialog   key   keyup   modifiers   mousefilter   mousestate   numkey  
js   mxj  
atoi   funnel   iter   itoa   pack   pak   quickthresh   spray   thresh   unpack   zl  
!-   !/   !=   %   &   &&   *   +   -   /   <   <<   <=   ==   >   >=   >>   abs   accum   acos   acosh   asin   asinh   atan   atan2   atanh   atodb   cartopol   clip   cos   cosh   dbtoa   drunk   expr   ftom   if   linedrive   mean   mean   mtof   poltocar   pow   random   regexp   scale   sin   sinh   sqrt   tan   tanh   urn   vexpr   zmap   |   ||  
append   fromsymbol   loadmess   prepend   receive   send   sprintf   substitute   tosymbol  
bendin   bendout   ctlin   ctlout   midiflush   midiin   midiinfo   midiout   notein   noteout   pgmin   pgmout   polyin   polyout   rtin   sysexin   sxformat   touchin   touchout   xbendin   xbendin2   xbendout   xbendout2   xnotein   xnoteout  
flush   makenote   midiformat   midiparse   offer   poly   stripnote   sustain  
bgcolor   closebang   freebang   loadbang   loadmess   patcher   patcherargs   pcontrol   thispatcher  
bangbang   bondo   buddy   fswap   swap   trigger  
detonate   follow   mtr   seq  
active   colorpicker   date   error   fontlist   gestalt   menubar   print   screensize   suspend  
bline   borax   clocker   cpuclock   defer   deferlow   delay   function   line   metro   pipe   speedlim   qlim   qmetro   quickthresh   tempo   thresh   timepoint   timer   translate   transport   when  
User Interface
button   comment   dial   dropfile   flonum   fpic   gswitch   gswitch2   hint   incdec   inlet   itable   jit.cellblock   kslider   lcd   led   matrixctrl   multislider   nodes   nslider   number   outlet   panel   pictctrl   pictslider   preset   radiogroup   rslider   slider   swatch   tab   textbutton   textedit   toggle   ubutton   umenu